Krystal (Gypsy) Orellano

Featured in episode 3 , episode 8 and episode 13 of The Creativity Roots Podcast

Krystal all

A Tampa, Florida native, Krystal “Gypsy” Orellano Weldon is a spoken word poet, writer, and educator. Krystal is slowly transpiring as a creative nonfiction writer, being published in St. Petersburg College’s newspaper The Sandbox, The online Shanghai magazine APOETSBRAIN, Saint Leo University’s book the Sandhill Review, The Artifact – Global Poetry Newspaper and University of Westminster runner-up winner for the 2017 Mental Health Poetry competition.

Currently, Krystal is working on a Poetry book called The Evolution of poetry and a Novel called The Lover’s Passion Lounge.

Contact Krystal at:

“I speak these words” 

“Who I am” 


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