The Summary Episode 1-5

After reaching the episode number five I want to make a summary of the topic we touched in the previous episodes to remind ourselves of those things that we know so well but we tend to take for granted, also for those who are landing into this thing and are starting to listen they will find in this a review of what we have been talking about so far.
If you are wondering what all this have to do with creativity. Well, creativity is the result of the processes that take place in what is the most powerful computer ever created and like any other computer, this one also gets attacked by viruses that corrupt its operations. These viruses that attack the supercomputer that is our brain come in the form of misconceptions, inhibitions, misunderstanding, miseducation, prejudice, fear and many other social and cultural factors that prevent the optimal functioning of the brain, distorting the results or even worse diminishing some of its functions, being creativity the most important of those functions.
When a computer gets attacked and corrupted we apply and anti-virus, these identify the problems that are affecting the computer and proceed to eliminate them hoping they will never come back. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve here, by identifying all that load of viruses that have contaminated our brain for such long time we can start the cleaning process before we can start thinking more creatively.

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